A Lumi Opinion: Real Life Inspirational Stories

In 2015, we at Lumi want to be inspired whilst also inspiring others! And how can we do this? By learning. By reading, listening to, and hearing other people’s stories of courage, hard work, persistence, and consistency. One of the best ways we can be motivated in our lives is to see that other people are doing and have done amazing things, and it’s completely possible for us to do the same!

In 2015, we want encourage you to seek inspiration through hearing the stories of other women – including what the world may see as ‘ordinary’ women – who have done phenomenal things in all walks of life. Because all of us – all women – have a story to tell. Here’s our list of the books we are planning on reading in 2015:

1. Hard Choices by Hilary Clinton

2. Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger Continue reading A Lumi Opinion: Real Life Inspirational Stories

Finding your balance when you’re working from home

Not all of us have a 9 to 5 job. Finding your work-life balance can be very tricky when your work is at home. And so Lumi wants to help all of you – women running a startup working from home, studying, and/or working as stay home mums – to find your balance in your lifestyle. So here’s Lumi’s top tips for you:

1. Establish when you’re most productive and work your schedule around this. If you’re productive in the mornings, block out your mornings for working – or if you’re a nightowl, allow yourself to work in the evening. And then – schedule ‘balancing’ activities (such as exercise, me-time) for other times.
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Finding Your Balance: for Nine to Fivers

How do you have a balanced lifestyle when you’re working from 9 to 5? (or 8 to 6, or more!).

It is hard. Although some of us may work 8-10 hours of a 24 hour day, when we fit sleep into it (hopefully 7-8 hours if we can!), and getting to and from work, we can be left with only a few hours to actually achieve this ‘balance’.

And – balance is different for everyone. Balance to one person may mean 30 minutes of exercise in the morning, to another it can mean finding 15 minutes of ‘me’ time per day, for another it’s making the time to spend time with the people they love.

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Goal Setting. Dorky, Necessary or Essential?

So, are you a goal-setter or do you think it’s a bit – or a lot – dorky?

Well, it really depends on what kind of goals we are talking. At 14, when I was told to write down a list of 5 key things that I wanted in a future ‘Husband’ – this was Dorky (and many other things for that matter!!) – but when I wrote down that I wanted to seek justice in my life, that I wanted to achieve a Masters degree, that I wanted lead a team, that I wanted to prioritise my friends and family as the most important relationships in my life, that I wanted impact and inspire young women – these are real goals. Sure, they also parts of my vision for my life, Continue reading Goal Setting. Dorky, Necessary or Essential?

A Lumi Opinion: Inspirational Novels

Today, Lumi is introducing you to some of our favourite novels on our bookshelves (some which we have already exchanged with each other!). Below are some of the books that we use to inspire, teach, and challenge ourselves in our vision as well as in our day-to-day.

At Lumi, we’re always after great stories that motivate and inspire us, because they help us to solidify our vision, keep us focused and keep us connected to the things that we are most passionate about! See below for our inspirational novels list:

  1. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
    Following the story of a young female German book-lover, this book taught us about fighting for what you believe in despite strong societal opposition.
  2. The People Smuggler – Robin de Crespigny
    A telling biography beginning in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, this book inspires us through the example of having relentless courage despite what life deals you, and never giving up on freedom. Continue reading A Lumi Opinion: Inspirational Novels